Top Ten (The songs that haunted my childhood)

11 Jul

Fidelity Radio

The following list is a weird one that i wanted to put on here, its the songs that really haunted my childhood so its not a favourite list, its just a memory list, i remember being scared of that `where`s your mama gone` song, and the grocer jack song made me all sad as a little kid and i couldnt understand the song til i was older. Some of the songs are funny to me and some were sad, some i sang at school because my teacher was into the folk music, most however was just heard on those old fidelity radios my mam and dad had. These are pure memories only and i get instantly reminded of my childhood when i hear them.

MUCH BETTER TIMES FOR WORKING CLASS PEOPLE THE 1970`s !!!..We now have our top spec computers.Digital cameras with 16 Mega pixels, 52 Inch plasma screen TV sets, Playstation 3 games and xbox 360 machines with state of the art graphics etc etc… AND ARE PEOPLE HAPPY??? NO!! These were GREAT times to live in  and grow up in..Now replaced by Greed and selfishness. Now 50% of people you see has a big fat attitudes and skinny arse woman with faces like skeletor ! ..The system has broken down!! No one gives a fuck about anyone but themselves anymore!

10 BAY CITY ROLLERS – Bye Bye Baby 1975

09 BENNY HILL – Ernie (The fastest milkcart in the west) 1970

08 HOT BUTTER – Popcorn 1972

07 STREETBAND – Toast 1978

06 DRIVER 67Car 67 1979

05 CAT STEVENS – Morning has broken 1973

04 RALPH McTELL – The streets of London 1975

03 TERRY JACKS – Seaons in the sun 1974

02 MIDDLE OF THE ROADChirpy chirpy cheep cheep 1971

01 KEITH WEST – Excerpts from a teenage opera 1967

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One response to “Top Ten (The songs that haunted my childhood)

  1. t0ester

    July 12, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    caitlin said thats my mum lmao, the chirpy chirpy cheep cheep song at number 2 in the list lmao, actually it does look a lil like her lol


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